The International Working Teckel

The Working Teckel is...


The Teckel can work over and under the ground, in both cases with an unbreakable will to find and a persistent voice on track.


For working fox, badger and wild boar, the Teckel must be persistent and fierce, but not headless aggressive.


As the smallest of all hunting dog breeds, he is predestined to follow the quarry into the smallest den - and also fits well on everyone´s lap.

285 pages full of Teckel adventures!

About the Book

The International Working Teckel Volume II, compiled and edited by Julia Szeremeta and Steven McGonigal, is  dedicated solely to the working Teckel. Packed full of stories and full colour photos of the “Little Dogs” at work. Join Teckel enthusiasts from Germany, Austia, Spain, USA, Canada, Ireland, Poland and many other countries as they pursue, track and hunt all manner of quarry from wild boar and deer to foxes and badgers! 
Featuring articles of well known Teckel breeders and hunters from all over the world, The International Working Teckel Volume II is a celebration of  a very special and very international dog breed.